Matthew (32) owner of Mechspec Racing Workshop in Kyalami, started riding in 2012 and has finished two Roof of Africa events, 2014 and 2015. Matt has qualified for Bronze in 2017, after taking a year off setting up the bike shop. Matt leads the team from the front with a 9th position in the qualifiying event held in May.

Riding achievements:

20th Bronze Roof of Africa 2014

73rd Silver Roof of Africa 2015

6th EWXC 2016 Silver Class
9th Bronze Qualifier 2017

69th Silver Impi 2017

34th Gold Impi 2017

“Its great to be able to combine my passion for riding and my work at Mechspec Racing. Taking part in the Roof this year with good friends and all our crew tops off an exciting year in general."


Grant (19) works at Mechspec Racing Workshop as an intern mechanic and sales assistant while working on his racing. Grant has been riding since he was two years old but has only this year started racing with good experience gained in the EWXC series and the 3-day IMPI event, Silver class, in June. Grant is supported by his father, Glenn and brother, Carl, both keen riders.


Riding achievements:

60th Silver Impi 2017
10th Bronze Qualifier 2017

24th Gold Impi 2017

“The Mechspec Racing race team isn’t so much a race team as it is a riding family. No matter what happens to you, there is this group of people who will be cheering you on, no matter how tired you are on that last hill, your team will be there.”


Anthony (33) works at Investec Private Bank and has been riding for 4 years. “Roof is the ultimate extreme enduro. Ever since I started riding I have always worked towards completing 3 day events. I enjoy the endurance and mind set required for an event of this nature.”

Anthony will be supported in Lesotho by dad, John.

Riding achievements:

Sea2Ski finisher 2016
80th Bronze Qualifier 2017

“I am proper excited, being part of a team keeps me focused. Knowing we are in it together when I'm in the mountains will keep me moving forward. Mechspec Racing has been supportive in my riding, they provide key expert advice and there service quality is above expectations.”


Brad (33) owns and operates Plasti-Tech, a company that imports and distributes HDPE thermoplastic piping systems throughout Africa. He is a single dad to 4-year old Chase and has been riding for two years. As pit crew to fellow riders in 2016, Brad decided to qualify for this year’s main event. Brad is supported in Lesotho by friends Travis Palmer and Dario Ermacora.

Riding achievements:

Impi 2016 Bronze finish

Impi 2017 Bronze finish


“I have an absolute passion for dirt bikes. Some might evens say an addiction! After being back up at last year’s Roof of Africa for my friends I had no choice but to ride this year’s ‘Roof of Africa. Finishing the roof would be one of my greatest lifetime achievements.”

Neil (31) works as a senior project manager for Digiterra Group and has been riding since he was 7 years old. This will be his second attempt at the Roof of Africa with his first being washed out in 2013. Neil is supported in Lesotho by dad, Keith Rampton and at home by his wife, Cathryn, who is expecting their first child.

Riding achievements:

40th Bronze Impi 2017

Sea2Ski Finisher 2016

“Going to Roof as part of this team takes a lot of the stress away from the rider. We also get pushed to train harder as a group.”

Peter (35) manages Blacklight, a Digital Experiences and Event Agency in Johannesburg and has been riding for 2 years.
I’m pretty sure that without the team, I wouldn’t be doing this now. The camaraderie plays a huge role in getting through the low moments, it’s where the “Vasbyt” can always be found when you need it.


Riding achievements:

35th Bronze Impi 2017

“ It’s the ultimate test of Enduro riding on our continent, so I want to test myself; plus I couldn’t let my mates do it and have bragging rights over me.”

Wesley (30) heads up Compendium Insurance Brokers Gauteng. A proudly Bidvest company that specializes in both Short term and Long term insurance. He has been riding bikes on and o from the age of 3. Having always had the Roof of Africa on his bucket list, he's excited to take part in what will be the 50th edition of Roof of Africa with the Mechspec Racing team.

Riding achievements:

38th  Bronze Qualifier 2017


"Thankfully with the organization and support of the Mechspec team and its sponsors, we can just focus on riding and training leading up to the event.”

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Established in 2015 as an amateur race team for the Roof, Mechspec Racing is a WOMZA and MSA affiliated motorcycle club.