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MSA Affiliation 2018

Mechspec Racing Club has opted out of MSA Club Affiliation for 2018.

We were notified by MSA at the end of 2017 that it would be compulsory for affiliated clubs in 2018 to host 1 - 3 MSA-sanctioned events during the year in order to maintain their club affiliation status with the Association.

As a club, we have investigated the requirements, cost and time it would entail to meet this commitment and have decided to withdraw our application for MSA club affiliation in 2018.

Mechspec Racing is an off-road and adventure bike workshop and social riding group, we are not race event organisers. There are clubs organising fantastic events on the riding calendar and we are more than happy to promote and attend these during the year to further the appeal of the sport.

We have notified our members and are directing them to join the local clubs and entities as listed on

Mechspec Racing is affiliated to Womza for 2018. For club member registration, please click here.

For related enquiries, please email

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